Some of our new families may be wondering:  How does Second Community communicate?  How do I find out what’s going on?

Here are some important ways to get plugged in:

  • Your Child’s Backpack:  Important messages from your child’s teacher will be sent home in your child’s backpack.  Be sure to check it frequently! 
  • School-Pages:  This is our private parent/teacher community website.  The student directory, newsletter, classroom pages, events, announcements, and signups can all be found here!
  • Yahoo! Groups:  There are three Yahoo! Groups at Clarendon.  These groups are intended to be used as discussion forums (looking for a childcare? want to let everyone know about something fun/educational happening in the city? post it to the Yahoo! Group).  One group is school wide; one group is for Second Community specific information; and one group is for JBBP.
  • Student Directory:  See School-Pages above.
  • Second Community Parent Association Meetings: SCPA Co-Council meetings happen the 2nd Thursday evening of each month during the school year.  All parents and teachers are welcome.  Save the dates now!  Minutes are also posted online at our School-Pages website.
  • Google Calendar:  We maintain a Google calendar which you can sync to your own electronic calendar.  Go to School-Pages (see above) and find the Google Calendar link on the home page.
  • Email Communications:  Occassionally, committee chairs will send important information directly to the parent email list from our student directory.
  • Classroom Coordinator Information:  Usually, the classroom coordinator (room parent) will send out information about classroom related business like teacher gifts, field trips, etc. via email to the class list in the student directory.

Please do read our Newsletter and visit to stay informed.

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