Parent volunteers have designed and installed our lovely Learning Garden as well as landscaping throughout the school over the past five years, made possible by Prop A Bond Funds.  The transformation that has happened to our school grounds during this time is truly incredible.

Students enjoy the garden during regular instructional time, as well as during lunch and after-school Garden Club.

Special thanks to former Garden Committee Chairs Elise Rousseau and Elliot Goliger, and current Second Community Garden Committee Chairs Dovid Coplon and Michael Stack.

Examples of recent garden projects include:

  • Asphalt removal and learning garden installation
  • Potting and storage sheds, hand washing sink, work table
  • Garden gate and arbor
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Landscaping boulders
  • Countless flowers, bushes, shrubs, trees and grasses planted
  • Winter and spring vegetable garden programs and farmer’s market
  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • Drip irrigation and planting in the entrance courtyard
  • Tables and benches in all three yards
  • Mosaic mural art project on the exterior auditorium wall
  • Bike racks
  • Outdoor clay oven
  • Message board kiosks


Be sure to join us for our garden volunteer work days and keep our garden and grounds beautiful and educational!