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Clarendon 2016-17 school tour information!

The Clarendon School Tour schedule is listed below.  All tours start at 9:45 am, and please note that street cleaning (and ticketing) happens on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.

  • Friday, 10/7
  • Friday, 10/14
  • Wednesday, 10/19
  • Tuesday, 11/1
  • Thursday, 11/10
  • Tuesday, 11/29
  • Tuesday, 12/6
  • Thursday, 1/12/2017

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About us

The Second Community Program was founded in 1972 by parents who wanted to extend the cooperative nursery school model—in which parents are key resources on both the classroom and administrative levels—to a public elementary school. Throughout the years, parent participation has been the cornerstone of Second Community’s culture. Parents participate in school governance, work in classrooms, and raise funds for the music, art, physical education, computer/technology programs, and Italian language instruction. Their contributions of volunteer time and financial support are essential to the success of the school.

Second Community shares the Clarendon site with another alternative San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) program, the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (JBBP.) Though Second Community and JBBP are distinct programs with separate teaching staff, parent groups, and fundraising, the two programs share many resources and the teachers relate as one staff.

Families may apply to San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) for admission to either the Second Community Program or the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural program. In other areas, including test scores and enrollment statistics, the SFUSD treats the combined programs as one school. The current ratio between the populations of students in the two programs is approximately 50% JBBP to 50% Second Community.

Clarendon Elementary is nationally recognized as one of the National Blue Ribbon Schools in 2014 and is awarded  a California Distinguished School.

Awards received by the school:

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